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climbing almaty Mountaineering and climbing tours
Peaks near from Almaty - Zailiyskiy Alatau

Climbs on peaks Almaty.
Relative heights – 3500-5000 m above sea level.

Ascents are led by qualified guides with many years’ experience in commercial mountaineering.
We provide our clients with all required technical gear.
Our guides also conduct mountaineering technique trainings
(rock climbing technique, snow and ice technique, knots, rope technique, etc.), both in groups and individually. arranges and conducts ascents to the following peaks near Almaty.

Small Almaty mountain valley peaks:

Asker Peak – 1B category routes, Oktyabrenok Peak – 1B,2B category, Maria Peak - 1A category,
Yoshkar-Ola Peak – 1B category, Amangeldy Peak - 1B; 2A, 2B category, Pioneer Peak - 1B category, Teacher Peak - 2A, Pioneer-Teacher Traverse - 2B category, 28 Panfilov Heroes Peak - 1A category, Manshuk Mametova Peak - 1B,2A category, Antikaynen peak - 1A category.

Tuyuksy glacier peaks:

Patriotic War peak - 1B,2A category, Mt.Molodejnaya (The Youth peak) - 1B,2A category, Lokomotiv peak - 2A category, Pogrebeckogo peak - 1B category, Tuyuksu peak - 1B category, Ordjonikidze peak - 2B category, Partizan peak - 2B category,
Titova peak - 1B category

Bogdanovich glacier peaks:
Karlytau Peak - 1A category, Komsomol Peak - 2A category, Abai Peak - 2A category (western and central summits), Shkolnik peak - 1B category, Chkalov peak - 1B category, Fizkulturnik peak - 1A, 2A category

Big Almaty mountain valley peaks:

Big Almaty Peak - 1B category, Tourist Peak - 1A category, Turan Peak - 1B category, Sovetov peak - 1B category, Young Guard peak - 2A category, Ozerniy peak - 1A category, Choy Bol San peak - 2A category, Almaty Alagir - 1B category

Mt.Talgar - the highest point of Zailiysky Alatau

Other peaks:

Gigant peak - 1B category, Alma-Arasan peak - 1B category, Kargalinskiy and Kamenskiy peaks - 1A category, Mt.Karabastau - 1B category, Frontier guard (Pogranichnik) peak - 1B category, Independence peak - 1B category

Mt.Issyk Bash


One-day ascensions

1A category - €100 - one person
1B category - €150 - one person
2А - €200 - one person
2B - €250 - one person
3А - €300 - one person

climbing almaty The Top 10 Zailiyskiy Alatau climbing (Winter season)

Climbing to Abay peak - 2A category

abay peak

Climbing to Big Almaty peak - 1B category

Big Almaty peak

Climbing to 28 Panfilov Heroes Peak - 1B category

28 Panfilov Heroes Peak

Climbing to Titov Peak - 1B category

titov peak

Climbing to Maria Peak - 1B category

maria peak

Climbing to Pioneer Peak - 1B category

Pioneer Peak

Climbing to Memory Peak - 2A category

Memory Peak

Climbing to Karlytau Peak - 1B category

Karlytau Peak

Climbing to Amangeldy Peak - 1B category

Amangeldy Peak

Climbing to Yoshkar-Ola Peak - 1B category

Yoshkar-Ola Peak